It started when I was a kid working on a cattle farm, fast forward and I'm in Marine Force Recon...

I started Hunting Carolinas to continue my passion of being in the wilderness and working the land, just like i did as a kid. From getting areas setup for hunts and bringing in honest harvests, I reconnected with my passion and hope to help others do the same. For us here at Hunting Carolinas, the hunt is not about fanfare, it's not about status... it's about getting into nature. Getting your hands dirty doing something you love and giving back. That said: we know many haven't had the experience of going on hunts and we work with all experience levels. That's the joy we gain. Working with a first time hunter, watching them absorb knowledge, zero a rifle, watch the fields and trees and take their first harvest. Working with seasoned hunters and getting critical about skills and craft. It's more than putting meat in the freezer, it's the experience building that makes lifelong memories.

- Ryan Kuperus, Gunnery Sergeant (USMC - Retired)
Owner, Hunting Carolinas